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모델 상태: 온라인 오프라인
20, 전갈 자리, Colombia, Bogota
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angel-mateuss님의 주요 정보
성별 남성
관심 대상 여성, 남성, 커플, 트랜스
나이 20
신장 5'10" - 6" [175센티미터 - 185센티미터]
무게 120 - 140 파운드 [55 - 60 킬로그램]
헤어 흑발
인종 라티노/히스패닉
언어 스페인어, 영어
고향 Bogota
음모 털 있음
음경 중간
나를 흥분 시키는 것
C2C and please
내 소개
Hello, I'm Ángel Mateus, born on a crisp October 25th, 2003, under the sign of Scorpio. I've always felt a special attraction to the contrasts of the world, perhaps that's why my heart leans towards the colors black and white, where duality finds its fullest expression.
I'm an avid reader, immersing myself in the pages of books as if they were portals to infinite universes. My ultimate literary companion is Don Quixote, a work that inspires me to challenge windmills and pursue my dreams with courage.

When I'm not lost in letters, you'll find me in the kitchen, exploring new flavors and creating dishes that awaken the senses. Food is more than a necessity for me; it's an art that allows me to express my creativity and connect with others through taste.

But life isn't all about tranquility and contemplation for me; I also enjoy movement and music. Dancing and singing are my secret passions, moments when I free myself from worries and let my spirit soar.

Speaking of music, I can't help but mention my idol, Adele. Her voice has the power to move me to the core, and her lyrics resonate in my soul as if they were written for me.

That's me, an eternal seeker of experiences, a lover of the arts, and an incorrigible dreamer, navigating life with the intensity of a Scorpio.
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The orders whitout sense
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dancing a little
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